You know that thing you hear all the time from customers

"Thanks, I am just calling around for some more quotes."

It's true, tradies can spend hours each week replying to customer inquiries and not secure those jobs.

What a waste of time!

Let Me Do The Work For You!


Building Organic & Sustainable Sales

By using the clients who have already contacted you, you can build your business revenue up to an additional 20%


By working with me, I will follow up with your clients through your preferred digital platform (Email/Facebook/Instagram) to build your revenue and secure more clients.

What I have found, it is very hard for tradies to wear all of the hats within their business.

You are out on the road most of the day, dealing with clients, dealing with their problems and solving their emergency call outs.

It’s a lot to deal with and what is worse, it happens every day - each day with no ending in sight.

And what many of us never realise was the power of those organic/paid leads.

This was a mistake I made for years, not knowing the value of a lead and how to capitalise on them.

This cost us thousands of dollars each week in lost sales.

The number of inquiries we received each day weren’t being nurtured, who received our quote but never did anything with it, went unheard.

So I started to capitalise on it...

Specifically, I started a new process to follow up all customer inquiries (without being sleazy or pushy) was the moment I realised how powerful it is.

That is when we started to secure an additional $20,000 per month in sales regularly!

By working with me, I will follow up with your clients through your preferred digital platform (Email/Facebook/Instagram) to build your revenue and secure more clients.

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#1 Why Follow Up With Clients?

You have already sent a quote and now your client is doing nothing with it, why not secure them by following up with their inquiry?

Not all customers wish to proceed with your quote, there is a small portion who require reminding of how important your service is. This will help you generate more revenue each month and secure more work.

#2 I don't have a client base

That's okay, that means your business is not big enough to have customers regularly. You would need to collect client information along with the quote you have provided to them for this program to work.

#3 Why do you need access to online platforms?

When you send a quote either by email, Facebook or Instagram, you may not have a system in place where you can follow up with those inquiries. So we will just use the platforms you send quotes too.

#4 Is there a limit on how many clients the BOSS Program will follow up?

Yes, we will limit the monthly reach is up to 50 customers per month.

#5 I am concerned about private information

We have an NDA for both parties, we will privately work for you and will not use any information ever.


#6 Do I need to be in a locked contract?

You are locked in a monthly contract. Providing you give 7 days notice prior to the month-end, you are not required to continue with the service.

#7 Is there a guarantee?

On the second month working with us, should we not reach the additional sales to cover your cost of the monthly subscription, we will give you the third month for FREE.