Business Owners

You know that thing you hear all the time from customers

"Thanks, I am just calling around for some more quotes."

It's true, business owners can spend hours each week replying to

customer inquiries and not secure those jobs.

What a waste of time!

Let Me Do The Work For You!


Building Organic & Sustainable Sales

By using the clients who have already contacted you, you can build your business revenue up to an additional 20%


By working with me.

My team and I will follow up with your clients through your preferred digital platform (Email/Facebook/Instagram) to build your revenue and secure more clients.

What I have found, it is very hard for business owners to grow their business whilst wearing all of the hats within their business.

You are out on the road most of the day, dealing with clients, solving their problems and providing them with a solution, that is what I am doing for you.

Following up with clients, is a lot to deal with and what is worse, it needs to happen consistently - otherwise, you are leaving money on the table.

Most business owners never realise was the power of those organic/paid leads.

This was a mistake I made for years, not knowing the value of a lead and how to capitalise on them.

This cost us thousands of dollars each week in lost sales.

Wouldn't that be better in your pocket?

The number of inquiries we received each day weren’t being nurtured, who received our quote but never did anything with it, went unheard.

So I started to capitalise on it...

Specifically, I started a new process to follow up all customer inquiries (without being sleazy or pushy) was the moment I realised how powerful it is.

That is when we started to secure an additional $20,000 per month in sales regularly!

By working with me, I will follow up with your clients through your preferred digital platform (Email/Facebook/Instagram) to build your revenue and secure more clients.

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Payments of


Non-refundable fee $297 additionally charged

The best part of this is:

If we don't secure $1,495.00 worth of sales for the month

We will work for FREE next month!

That's right, here is your guarantee...

If we don't close $1,495.00 worth of sales, we will work for FREE next month.

Are you ready to capitalise on your hard work


Do you want to keep working without the rewards?

#1 Why Follow Up With Clients?

You have already sent a quote and now your client is doing nothing with it, why not secure them by following up with their inquiry?

Not all customers wish to proceed with your quote, there is a small portion who require reminding of how important your service is. This will help you generate more revenue each month and secure more work.

#2 I don't have a client base

That's okay, that means your business is not big enough to have customers regularly. You would need to collect client information along with the quote you have provided to them for this program to work.

#3 Why do you need access to online platforms?

When you send a quote either by email, Facebook or Instagram, you may not have a system in place where you can follow up with those inquiries. So we will just use the platforms you send quotes too.

#4 Is there a limit on how many clients the BOSS Program will follow up?

Yes, we will limit the monthly reach is up to 30 customers per month.

#5 I am concerned about private information

We have an NDA for both parties, we will privately work for you and will not use any information ever.

We will however use your results for publishing purposes only - without sharing privileged information

#6 Do I need to be in a locked contract?

You are locked in a monthly contract.

Should you wish to cancel the service, you must provide 7 days written notice prior to the month-end. The monthly service will continue indefinitely until either party decides to cancel the memebership..

#7 Is there a guarantee?

On the FIRST month working with us, should we not reach the minimum sales to match the cost of the monthly subscription, we will give you the second month for FREE.

If we cannot secure your clients after the second month, we will reevaluate your business as it might not be a large enough business to continue working with you.

#8 How many people in your team?

We have 3 people in our team performing this service. The structure of this formula is to ensure your clients are harassed or receiving sleazy sales calls.

The technique used has secured over $1m worth of sales and cannot be achieved by one person.

#9 How to start?

Click on the button below to make payment and get started. You will have 14 days to allow the Outsourcing Like a Boss team to start working with you. You must allow us access to your emails and CRM.

If this is not achieved within 14 days, your monthly account will commence and your responsibility to allow us to secure your leads will be voided.

#10 Won't you need to use my company phone?

No, we will use an APP called AirCall which will use your phone number as the line calling - So your customers will see your business phone number calling them.

#11 *If you don't provide access within 14 days?

As we want to get the most for your business, your accountability to allow us access to your email and CRM is essential.

If you do not provide access within 14 days of signing up, you will void your monthly guarantee of us making the minimum closed sales for your business and we will NOT work for FREE on the second month.

#12 How many people in your team?

This BOSS Formula requires 3 people to achieve the best results possible.

This formula has generated over $1,000,000 in sales and is structured in a way your clients will feel nurtured without having to deal with the sleazy sales calls.

#13 What if some clients don't like to be contacted and make a complaint?

Unfortunately, it is their problem.

Yes, I said it.

You are in business to make money, they have contacted you and we are here help you to make money.

If they don't respond to our connections, it's their fault for not accepting/declining the quote within the timeframe required.

#14 How long should my business be in this program for?

For maximum results suggest a minimum of 4 months. As your meeting with clients, the following up process becomes more personalised to your customers which allows more growth within your business. For example: Some people cannot afford your services straight away, but they can afford it in a few months after budgeting correctly.

#15 Will the Boss Package Pricing stay the same?

The Boss Formula package will be reviewed each month. The entry-level pricing will determine the amount of closed sales and the effort that is put into the services we provide.

If we feel more hours are required to secure more sales for you, we will present a new monthly offer. You will NOT be charged any additional fee's unless you accept the changes.

Should at any stage, Toni is going above and beyond securing great leads for your business, the package will change from a fixed monthly rate to a percentage of sales package.

#16 What is great leads?

Great leads is based on the secured sales and effort required to secure the sales. Should Toni and her team secure more than $10,000 each month of sales, the package will be revised and a Percentage of Sales Package will be offered. This will benefit the business owner greatly, as Toni and her team can secure more leads for your business.

#17 Can you contact more than 30 people per month?

For the first two months, we suggest you take it slow. Upon reviewing your business and the sales reports, if we feel your business can secure additional work, we will present you with another offer for us to contact more clients to secure more leads for you.

#18 - 30 Clients doesn't sound like a lot of work...

You are only seeing this page because Toni knows she can help you. If you are securing leads and capitalising on your existing clients, then you would know nurturing 30 clients is a lot of work, hence why Toni has a team of 3 people managing clients.

#19 Setting up

There is a non-refundable setup fee of $297 additionally invoiced to your monthly plan. This set-up fee occurs for each time you sign up to this program - for example:

Sign up today, set up fee + monthly subscription

Continue with a monthly subscription for 6 months and cancel.

Apply to start the monthly subscription again, another $297 + Monthly subscription

#20 Referrals

We love it when you succeed and we want other business owners to succeed as well! For every new and successful referral, we will give you a $500 credit to next months invoice for the BOSS Formula.

What are you waiting for...

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Payments of


If we don't match the sales to your monthly investment

then we work for FREE!

By allowing yourself to have a ZERO risk chance to make more money, why wouldn't you give it a go...

After all, this is why you started your business isn't it?