So... You have administration work to be outsourced

but you don't know where to start?

At Outsourcing Like a Boss, we know you want to become more organised with less stress?

In order for you to do that, you need to have your administration tasks managed.

The problem is that you are too busy to set a plan and know where to start, which makes you feel pushed to the limits and overwhelmed.

We believe you shouldn't work on admin tasks that can be outsourced from $5per hour.

We understand you didn't start your business to be overworked and stressed, which is why we have connected dozens of business owners with affordable Virtual Assistants.

Here's how we do it:

  1. Diagnose your biggest administration problems
  2. Select the best Virtual Assistant package to suit your business
  3. Reduce your working hours and give yourself FREEDOM

The Virtual Assistant Pack

What's Included

  • Hiring one VA
  • The exclusive step by step guide to help you along your VA journey
  • All the steps you need to take onboarding your VA to prevent overwhelm
  • Templates to guide you to create Standard Operating Procedures for your business
  • Job description creation and processing
  • Processing 100’s upon 100’s of applicants for your position
  • Selecting the top 5 applicants
  • BONUS: 6 months of software antivirus protection for one VA $120.00 or the set up on your Laptop/Computer


Single Payment


How can we pay someone from $5.00 per hour?

At Outsourcing Like a Boss, we understand overheads and the cost to hire another team member within your business. The training alone is a headache, let alone time-consuming and overwhelming for both you and the new team member.

We specialise in helping business owners connect with Virtual Assistants predominantly from the Philippines.

With the diversity of helping a family overseas and giving them a secure working relationship, we find they are committed to business owners and are passionate about their jobs.

This is how we are able to bring the costs down to a more affordable rate for your business.


Samantha McNamee from Oak Pilates

I realised a while before I hired one. I was sceptical of using a VA from overseas and then my friends recommended Toni. I heard about VA's except only until I properly had the time myself to look into it and after doing some business coaching is when I then made the jump.

I had a meeting with Toni and she asked me what exactly it was that I was looking for and needed help with. From there she took my wish list and went and found me some VA's. I interviewed about 4-5 people that had been shortlisted and sent to me and now I have an amazing VA.

Communication was super easy. I could contact Toni if I needed anything along to way and received help when I was stuck.

My virtual assistant has saved me so much time. She is super helpful for anything I need she will try her hardest to figure out the answer or how to do the task ahead.

Her daily tasks consist of:

  • Answering all emails, especially requests for suspensions.
  • Termination of contracts, and bookings and other queries.
  • Daily checking diligently of people on the waitlist, and making sure to send a message and confirm to make each class full.
  • Making sure that I have set my own alarm and calendar for each membership to be terminated on a certain date.
  • Sending emails and follow ups to the YOGA GRIP SOCKS Manufacturer.
  • Daily or at least weekly checking of Unpaid sessions and making sure they’re all charged.
  • Daily charging of late cancellation fees.
  • Gathering of report summaries for new clients of 2 Weeks Unlimited Intro Offer and updating the tracker.
  • Sending out welcome emails as well as feedback emails for new and existing clients with 2 weeks until intro offer about to expire.
  • Checking out Private sessions and charging clients.
  • Resending the Client initial screening form, if it hasn't been uploaded or answered by clients.

If you are sitting on the fence to get a VA I would tell you to defiantly go through Toni and do it today.

It is hard setting the time aside to help train them and teach them as that is why we need the help because we are time-poor.

It is defiantly worth it and they are there for you whenever you need them. I am super grateful for my VA.

Samantha McNamee

Oak Pilates

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Who Have Taken The leap


#1 How Do I Pay My VA?

Don't worry, you will have everything you need to know about your new virtual assistant.

We will provide accountability prior to hiring your new team member to make sure you are all set and ready to make payments.

#2 Can You Guarantee Privileged Information?

As a recruitment consultant, we do not guarantee what your new team member does within your company. However, we will provide you with our lawyer's information to create employment contracts between your company and your new team member. This will be an additional charge which Outsourcing Like a Boss will have no commissions.

#3 Is There A Guarantee?


If you follow everything we provide to you and you have made yourself accountable for your actions, spent the time with your VA to guide them through your requirements and provide proof that the systems didn't work for you, then we will find you another 100% Guaranteed within the first 30 days. Should the next 5 VA's not be suitable for you, you will receive a personal call to discuss how you are managing your VA's.

#4 How Long Will It Take To Have My VA Join Our Team?

Once payment has gone through, we will then start the application process immediately - please allow 7-10 Business days to receive your new candidates. You will be emailed a PDF pack with the candidate's information, you will then have the choice to interview and hire the VA to join your team.

#5 What Happens When I Receive My Candidate's?

Once you have received your candidates for your business, you will need to set up systems in place to ensure when they start working with you, you are organised and have tasks ready for them.

In this package you have selected, Toni will send you all the information to help get you started.

Should you wish for more support, you will have to apply for the 3 or 12 month membership program.

#6 Will You Give Advice On The Hourly Wage To Pay?

Yes, we will!

We will advise of the current pay rate prior to advertising the job position.

You will be presented with their negotiated pay rates to help the transition to you smoother. There will be times when the negotiated rates will differ from the pricing Toni advised you, as that is a guide for you to have a starting point of expected wages.

#7 Do I Need To Have Any Special Software?

With this package, you are choosing to set up your virtual employee directly, therefore you must conduct your own research to suit your business.

#8 Do I Have Full Control Over The Virtual Assistant/s?


Once you have received your new VA, it is entirely up to you how you manage them. They are your team member and you must treat them as your new employee. The Business Planner will not intervene with your virtual assistant. However, you must work with your new VA giving the guidance and the structure to be able to follow tasks correctly.